Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reality Bend Spell

Anger or sadness is your brain's way of telling you that something is wrong. You have a choice to either change the world, change yourself, or accept reality as it is. Each choice requires a form of sacrifice.

Hoping for others to change or letting the situation work itself out sacrifices your agency.

Casting a spell sacrifices the comfort and inertia of the now for the potential upheaval of an uncertain future that you are responsible for. Whatever happens will be caused by you, and it will be different from the now.

Be ready: Casting a spell must be done on purpose and with conviction.

1. The first phase of the spell requires giving form to the anatomy of the problem...
by assigning a shape and definition to that which seems formless, we provide an opportunity to affect that anatomy.

Vocabulary is a weapon. By giving form to the formless, we make the monster vulnerable to our intentions.


2. The second phase of the spell is definition of the desired form...
This is your target reality. At the end of the spell, your declaration will become true. Defining a target allows you to decide whether to continue or stop this process.

Setting a goal gives your will a tangible focus.

3. The third phase of the spell is the transformation...
It requires that you understand the movable parts of that tangible form to surgically alter its signature. No matter how difficult it may seem, You MUST MOVE parts of the monster's anatomy to see changes.

Meaningful actions bend reality.

4. The fourth and final phase is acknowledgment of the new reality...
This is confirmation that your spell is finished. By declaring that the spell is done, you allow your sense of agency to rest. Failure to complete this step will result in perpetual restlessness as the spell slowly consumes you from the inside out: living in the past or future, but never the present.

When the change becomes real, its effect becomes real. Acknowledge the outcome.