Monday, December 01, 2008

Channels of Reality

The channels of reality seem to fall into three distinct categories:

1. Input

That which is given, including what we give ourselves: Starting identity and Channels of interaction.
What Is.

2. Agency

To SEPARATE from that which is given.
To do.

3. Communion

To JOIN with that which exists.
To become.

We spin endlessly in this cycle in the hopes that movement will place us at a location that minimizes the need for maintenance. When we find that spot of equilibrium, the world makes sense and our relationship with the universe feels stable.

Sometimes, the world challenges the identity that we have established by violating the boundaries defined by the moral authority of our internal compass. When the code is broken, we have a choice to make: Either assert the correctness of our own code or accommodate the perceived usage pattern that has manifested from the input.

We are trapped when there are no more choices to make.

Beliefs are a choice. It is the first choice we make.
  • The Concepts we believe influence the Inputs we choose to perceive.
  • The Inputs we perceive direct the Actions we choose to take.
  • The Actions we take dictate the Person that we choose to become.
  • That Person we become is a testament to the Concepts we believe in.
Identity is a choice. We will revise that choice often throughout our lifetime.